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Camping:  Yellowstone Canyon

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Yellowstone Canyon is located on the South slope of the Uinta Mountains; it is located about 30 miles North of Duchesne.Yellowstone Canyon is located on the South slope of the Uinta Mountains; it is located about 30 miles North of Duchesne. Although popular with fishermen, hikers, and campers, it sees a lot less traffic than nearby Moon Lake.

To reach Yellowstone Canyon drive North from Duchesne on highway 87. Make a left on 21000 West, follow this through Mountain Home and pick up anything you forgot at the small store there. Just past Mountain Home you will make a sharp right and then a sharp left, soon after that you enter the Uinta and Ouray Indian Reservation. While on Tribal roads you aren’t allowed to stop and many roads on the reservation are closed to non-members. About 8 miles from Mountain Home you will see a sign pointing towards Yellowstone Canyon on the right. Make a right here and follow the heavily washboarded road to the canyon.

Once you leave the tribal lands and enter forest service lands the road gets much better. The road soon enters the bottom of the canyon and follows the Yellowstone River up to its confluence with Swift Creek.

There are five campgrounds located in the canyon, all of these are first come first served except for a group site in the Yellowstone campground. The group site is reserveable at a cost of $30.00 per night Yellowstone Campgroundand a $9.00 reservation fees. The group site can accommodate up to 80 people and 8 vehicles. Although, personally I think 80 people would be extremely cramped.

The Yellowstone campground is the first campground encountered. This campground has 11 sites and the group area. The campground is situated in a
stand of lodgepole pines, there is plenty of shade and each site has a picnic table and fire ring. Each site costs $8.00 per night.

Bridge CampgroundJust past the Yellowstone campground is the Bridge campground. This campground is a bit less crowded and only has five sites. The sites are very well spaced and neighbors aren’t even noticed. Sites 2 and 3 are located right on the river, site 3 is located over a small bridge, isolating the site even further.

The Reservoir campground is located about 2.5 miles past the Bridge campground. Reservoir Campground is on a small hillside next to a beautiful reservoir.This campground is located on a small hillside next to a beautiful reservoir. The reservoir is popular with fly fishermen, and also has a fishing dock making it easier for children to fish. There are five sites at the campground, each site is $5.00 per night. Be aware this is open rangeland and you are liable to have bovine visitors to your site at this campground.

A little more than a mile after the Reservoir Be aware this is open rangeland and you are liable to have bovine visitors to your site at this campground.campground you will come across the Riverside campground. This campground has 11 sites and is located on the edge of the Yellowstone River. Sites 10, 11, 13, and 14 are located right on the banks of the river. Each site has a picnic table and fire ring; the sites are $8.00 per night.

The Swift Creek campground is located at the end of the road, close to the border of the High Uinta Wilderness Area. This campground has 10 sites and is $8.00 per Swift Creek Campgroundnight. This campground is popular with hikers as it allows access into the higher Yellowstone drainage. This trailhead offers a much less crowded way to hike to Kings Peak, hike up the Yellowstone drainage to Anderson Pass and over into Painter Basin.

I’d highly recommend Yellowstone Canyon as an alternative to the more popular areas in the Uintas. Here you can find a little bit of peace and quiet that is often hard to get in areas like the Mirror Lake Highway.

Enjoy your time in Yellowstone Canyon.

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