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Camping:  Strawberry Reservoir

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Strawberry Reservoir is Utah’s premier trout fishery. If you want to catch big trout and lots of them, be sure and make Strawberry your fishing destination. In its position as Utah’s blue ribbon fishery it is a closely watched body of water. Forest Service biologists pay attention to what goes on at Strawberry.

Over the years that Strawberry has been impounded, it has been taken over by chubs, suckers, and carp. Several times the reservoir has been poisoned, killing all fish, game fish and non-game fish alike. After the most recent poisoning of the reservoir, the Bear Lake strain of the Bonneville Cutthroat was introduced. This species of trout is a voracious predator and so far has shown to be a better control of the non-game species.

There are several species of fish that are stocked into the reservoir. Rainbow Trout, Bear Lake Cutthroat, and Kokanee Salmon are all regularly stocked.

Strawberry can be fished by shore fishermen and from boats. Shore fishermen can find the best access and least windy areas on the Soldier Creek side of the reservoir. The Soldier Creek dam and marina can provide a haven away from the frequent winds that can come up. On a calm day the Ladders area is a popular place for shore fishermen as well.

Once summertime hits the reservoir the folks in boats will do much better than the shore fishermen. The trout move into deeper water with the warm water temperatures of summer. Trolling lead core line or using downriggers can be required to get your offering down to the fish. Try trolling flatfish, dodgers, or pop gear to attract Cutthroat or Kokanee. You’ll catch Rainbow Trout by trolling around weed beds, tube jigs or other soft plastic baits seem to work well. Just anchoring and throwing out some powerbait or worms seems to be a good way to pass the time as well. Fish with a marshmallow or floating powerbait, run a sinker a foot or two back
from the hook. Let it sit on the bottom and keep a somewhat tight line.

There are a number of places to camp at Strawberry. The closest and most popular is the Strawberry Bay complex. The Overflow Loop is the first campground you will encounter on the road to Strawberry Bay. This campground has 72 sites but sites 29 and 72 are the only redeeming sites, and this is purely because of the views. The sites are a bit close together and there are no trees or any vegetation other than sage. Each site does have a picnic table and grill, the bathrooms are clean and well taken care of.

Next up are the A-G loops. The A loop is a long term campground, the sites are Loop A is a long term campground$200.00 per month. There are 45 sites available.

The B loop is also known as the Cutthroat Loop, this loop has 27 sites. All the sites feature full hook ups and are popular with RV’ers.

The Kokanee Loop is the C loop, this loop consists of 38 sites, two picnic tables are at each site. There are fire rings and grills at all sites.

The D loop is the May Fry Loop. This loop has 45 sites, sites number 35, 37, 39, and 41 have the best views in the campground. Just like all the other loops these sites have picnic tables, grill and fire pits.

The E loop is the Angler Loop. There are 21 sites in the loop, the best views can be had at sites 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, and 16.

Swallow LoopThe two loops closest to the Marina and boat ramp are the F and G loops. The F loop is also known as the Sage loop, there are 47 different fairly spaced out sites.

The Swallow/Loop G is the closest to the ramp, there are 59 different sites, some are single and some are double. Site number Site 1414 is the absolute closest to the marina, this site has a very nice view over the marina.

If camping over in the Bay really isn’t your style, Renegade Point will have a few less people in it. Renegade Point is located on the Southern portion of the reservoir. There are 66 sites in the two loops at Renegade. Just like the Stawberry Bay campgrounds Renegade has absolutely no natural shade. The campground is located on a barren hillside, sage is the only vegetation nearby. Each site has a picnic table and grill, there Renegade Campgroundis also a boat ramp nearby.

East of the turn-off for Strawberry Bay and Renegade Point you will find the Soldier Creek side of the reservoir. This side of the reservoir definitely contains the more aesthetic camping possibilities. The turn off for the Soldier Creek campground will be the first signage you will see. The Soldier Creek campground has shadier sites and a wider spacing than the Strawberry Bay sites.

Powder Keg A LoopThe Powder Keg is loop A. Sites 1, 2, 4, 7, and 8 are nestled into an Aspen grove, most of these are long term, but a couple are first come first served. Powder Keg is probably the best loop in the Soldier Creek campground. The Flintlock, Bivouac Bench, and Gunsight loops are ok, but they don’t have quite as much shade.

Soldier Creek DamThe best campground on the reservoir is without a doubt the Aspen Grove campground. The turnoff to this campground is located to the East of the Soldier Creek Campground signage. You drive over the Soldier Creek Dam and past the boat ramp and marina. Aspen Grove has 60 sites, all of them fairly well spaced. The A loop features campsites that are very well The loop A features campsites that are very well.naturally shaded, each campsite features a picnic table, fire grate and grill. Sites 13 and 14 are tent only, site number 7 is the only one with full RV hook ups. The B loop has a bit less shade, sites 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, and 52 are well shaded and near the restrooms.

Be sure and stop by the visitor center near the beginning of the reservoir, the rangers are very helpful and can answer any questions you have. There is also a boardwalked, self-guided nature trail that runs along the Strawberry river. Even if you don’t fish Strawberry is definitely a worthwhile destination for site-seeing and camping.



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Wasatch Front/Strawberry Valley Trail Map

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