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Camping:  Rockport Reservoir

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Rockport Reservoir is located 27 miles from Salt Lake City, just off I-80. The reservoir is formed by Beaver Creek and flows into the Weber River. The reservoir sits at 6000 feet and covers over 1189 acres. Fishing, waterskiing, sailing, and camping are common diversions practiced here.

The fishing at Rockport consists of chasing Rainbow Trout, Perch, and
Smallmouth Bass. Some popular places to fish from shore are the dam, just South of the boat ramp on the East side, and the Down Under day use area. Trolling pop gear or rapalas are a common technique when chasing Trout. If you are looking for perch move around looking for them on your fish finder. Once you start marking fish try dangling a worm underneath a bobber at the depth you are marking them at. If Smallmouth Bass are on the agenda toss jigs and crankbaits around rocky points. This reservoir is also a very popular place to go icefishing, you won’t be alone on the lake once it freezes.

Rockport has a very nice state park with a myriad of camping and picnicking opportunities. The entrance fee to the park is $7.00. There is a boat ramp and dump station in the park. There are five campgrounds, four are unimproved and cater to the tenting crowd, these campgrounds are $8.00 per night. The Juniper Campground caters to the RV’ing crowd and is $17.00 per night.

The first campground encountered after entering the park is the Cottonwood Campground. This campground features 20 sites and is nestled on Beaver Creek. A number of cottonwood trees provide shade. Sites 12-15 are right along the banks of the river.

Can you spot the owls? The Hawthorne group area is currently not being used. A family of owls has taken up residence in a large cottonwood. As you drive by you might notice the series of nests in the trees. Please allow the owls their privacy, take photos and leave them alone.

The Pinery day use area is located where Beaver Creek flows into Rockport. There are many picnic pavilions and restrooms. There are plenty of places to fish from the shore, either on the reservoir or in the river.

Crandall’s Campground is located 1.2 miles from the park entrance kiosk. This campground has 10 sites, awnings for shade, and grills at every site. Sites 6, 7, and 8 are closest to the water. There is a small stream running to the right of the campground, right now it is running fairly high and will provide a soothing nighttime sleeping noise. Crandall’s also has a group day use area available for reservations.

Twin Coves is the next campground you will encounter, it is located a half mile past Crandall’s. Twin Coves has a few more trees than Crandall’s and therefore a bit more shade. There are 24 sites, sites 12-15 are closest to the reservoir. All of the sites have the same shade pavilions, picnic tables and grills. For the most part the sites are fairly well spaced and afford a bit of privacy.

The boat ramp is 2.6 miles from the entrance gate. With the orientation of the marina and the prevailing winds getting a boat on or off a trailer can be a challenge. As of this writing the reservoir level is fairly low, I’d imagine this will change soon with the spring run off. Launching a boat with high reservoir levels should be no problem. But, be aware of the wind.

The Highland day use area is adjacent to the boat ramp. This provides a nice place to beach your boat and have a picnic. There is a swimming area and a number of picnic pavilions.

Juniper Campground is the gem of Rockport State Park. This campground is
nestled into a grove of rather large juniper trees. The sites are very nicely spaced and all feature electricity and water. There is a central restroom complex that features vending machines and showers. Sites 22-25 are very close to the reservoir, 5, 16, and 18 are close to the main bathroom complex.

The Riverside Campground is located downstream of the reservoir. This

campground sits on the valley bottom beneath the dam. There are around 10 sites situated next to the river. The Old Church group area is an interesting site that has a picnic pavilion next to a historic church structure.

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