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Hiking: Mirror Lake Highway

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Mirror Lake Highway:  Campgrounds Galore!

When you're seeking to get away from the summer heat, but you don't want to go Provo River Fallstoo far from Salt Lake City, Mirror Lake Highway is the ideal option.  Being up in the mountains offers cool evenings and almost chilly nights and it's less than 2 hours away from the city.  Options for camping are endless!  Along Mirror Lake Highway, there are 15 campgrounds.

Yellow Pine is the first campground you will encounter, this campground has 21 sites.  Small lodgepole pines comprise the campground, shade is there but a bit hard to find.  A single party campsite costs $6.00 per night.

Taylor Fork/Cedar Hollow is an ATV campground.  Be prepared to a two-stroke wake up.  There are numerous trails surrounding the campground.  There are 11 sites and dispersed camping located nearby.  Single party campsite, $10.00 per night.

Shingle Creek is located just down the road from Taylor Fork, ATV trails link the two campgrounds.  This campground has 20 sites and a picnic area, although the picnic area is in the full on sun.  Single party campsite, $10.00 per night.

Soapstone Basin is the largest campground on the Western side of Mirror Lake Highway.  This campground features 34 sites, and ups the cost to $12.00 per night.  For an interesting diversion drive Soapstone Basin road up over Soapstone Mountain, ending up on highway 35.  Although a bit bumpy the views canít be beat.  The beginning of this road features a pump-out station for RVís.

Shady Dell is located near the Upper Provo river, 20 sites and stunning views.  The cost is $12.00 per campsite.

Cobblerest features 17 sites nestled in a pine filled valley.  Cobble creek enters the Provo River just Northeast of the campground.  The cost is $10.00 per campsite.

Trial Lake and Washington Lake campgrounds are both located near large UintaWashington Lake lakes.  Good fishing and lakeside campsites are available at each campground.  These are the largest of the Forest Service campgrounds, Trial Lake has 60 sites and Washington Lake has 41 sites.  These vary from RV friendly sites to lakeside tent camping.  Be prepared for crowds and an active Trial Lakecampground host.

Lilly Lake campground appears to be closed, the road is gated and locked.

Lost Creek campground is located near Lost Lake, plenty of fishing opportunities abound near this campground.  Lost Creek winds itís way through the campground itself. The campsites are $12.00 per night.  There are 35 sites.  

Moosehorn campground is another lakeside retreat.  The campsites are fairly well spaced apart, a lake to the North. There are 33 sites costing $12.00 per night.

Mirror Lake campground is probably the Mirror Lake Basinmost busy of all the campgrounds.  This area is extremely popular with the Salt Lake City folks, be prepared to have neighbors near you and the usual Forest Service campground maze.  The lake is rather beautiful, and usually well stocked with fish.  There are 79 sites costing $12.00 per night.

Butterfly Lake is the last organized campground on the Utah side.  Featuring 20 sites this is a welcome respite to the preceding forest service campground mayhems.  Ruth Lake and Scout Lake are both located nearby.  This campground costs $10.00 per night.

There are many areas located off the highway that are amendable to dispersed camping. Be sure and choose a spot that has been camped in before, donít go making new trails or fire pits.  The further you get away from the pavement the more secluded you will become.


From Salt Lake City drive East on I-80 past Park City, get off on highway 40.  Follow 40 to the 248/Kamas exit.  Head East until you get into Kamas, take a left at the three way stop.  Follow the signs to the right heading onto highway 150/Mirror Lake Highway. View from Bald Mountain Pass

The Mirror Lake Highway runs between Kamas and Evanston WY.  This road crests the Uinta Mountains, scenic views can be found at any point.  Bald Mountain Pass is the high point of the journey.  Majestic peaks and endless views can be found here.  The scent of pine is a common sense, high alpine meadows abound. 

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