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Camping:  Kane Creek Road

Moab Rim TrailAt the McDonalds in town head West on Kane Creek Road. Reset your odometer as you make the turn. 

2.6 miles from McDonalds is the starting point for the Moab Rim Trail. The Moab Rim Trail is rated 4+ and is not for the faint of heart. There are several obstacles that could be catastrophic if things went bad. Petroglyphs
Moonflower Canyon is located 3 miles from the turn-off. There is an interesting petroglyph panel located at the beginning of the canyon. Quite a few modern idiots have logged their own name on the panel, please refrain from following their examples. Moonflower Canyon features
Moonflower Campsites eight walk in campsites, these sites are $5.00 per vehicle per night. Two vehicles, two tents and six people are permitted per site. The canyon is rather sandy and is a bit cooler than the surrounding desert, this makes for a very nice place to camp. Restrooms and a dumpster are on site, the dumpster is the only one in all of Kane Creek and is for all of the BLM campgrounds in canyon.

Kane Springs Campground4.1 miles from the turn-off is the Kane Springs Campground. This campground is privately owned. The campground is very close to the shores of the Colorado River, it runs for about a half mile along the road. The sites are a bit pricey at $16.35 per night, there is a $5.00 per site charge for extra vehicles, and a $5.00 charge for any ATV or vehicle trailers. Water and showers are available at the main campground, showers are $3.00 apiece. Pritchett Canyon Trailhead

At 4.5 miles is the trailhead for Pritchett Canyon. The trailhead is on private property and a small fee is required to enter. Pritchett is one of the toughest trails in the Moab area and is rated 4+. 

At 4.6 miles the pavement ends, reset your odometer to zero at this point. View of the Tombstones

.7 miles from the end of the pavement you will come to the Amasa Back trailhead parking lot. From the parking lot you have a spectacular view of the Kane Creek Tombstones. Occasionally on summer days you can see people base jumping from the top of the tallest Tombstone.Amasa Back Trailhead

1.2 miles from the end of the pavement is the trailhead for the Amasa Back Trail. This is a popular mountain biking trail and is known as Cliffhanger for the 4x4 crowd. Cliffhanger is rated a 4, probably a bit too tough for stock vehicles without a locking differential.Switchbacks

At 2.0 miles from the pavement the road switches back down into the bottom of the Canyon. .2 miles further is the Spring Site campground. This campground features four sites at $5.00 per vehicle per night. The campground is very shady and is located near the Kane Springs. There are pit toilets, but no water.

3.1 miles from the end of the pavement is Hunter Canyon. This is another BLMHunter Canyon campground featuring pit toilets and costing $5.00 per vehicle per night. There are nine campsites, four are walk-in sites and five are car camping sites. This is also a riparian area with plenty of shade and a cool stream. About a half mile up-canyon from the campground youíll come across Hunter Arch, this makes for a nice little hike from your campsite. Kane Creek flows over the road just past the campground. The stream isnít very deep and even passenger cars can navigate the crossing.Echo Campground

Echo Campground is located 3.3 miles from the pavement. This is the last of the BLM campgrounds and features nine campsites and pit toilets. Echo has plenty of tamarisk and a few cottonwoods to provide shade. It costs the same $5.00 per vehicle as the other campgrounds. 

Soon after Echo you will go over a cow-catcher, after the cow-catcher the camping is not organized. Camping can be found down many non-descript trails. If you camp out here please bring a self-contained toilet as there are no bathroom facilities. If you donít bring a toilet at least carry a trowel and dig a hole to conceal your waste. Burn or carry out any toilet paper you use. The desert is a much more fragile place than it appears, please do your part to keep it clean for all of us.

4.0 Miles OutIím not going to list every place to camp, but the following places are some of the more used sites.

At 4.0 miles from the pavement there is a turn-off to the right, there are several places to camp and the area has a bit of shade. If you are going to have a fire be sure and choose someplace that already has a fire ring made.

4.7 Miles Out4.7 miles from the pavement there is a huge boulder on the right side of the road, there is a turn off to a few campsites just after the boulder. There is a large cottonwood tree to provide a little shade for one of the campsites.

4.8 miles is another pull off with a few places to camp.
5.1 Miles Out

At 5.1 miles there is another dirt road to the left with some previously camped at spots.

5.3 miles from the pavement is a series of trails 4 wheelers frequent, there are some sites to camp in. Be aware you will probably be5.3 Miles Out woken up to the sound of an off road vehicle if you camp here.

5.6 miles from the pavement is a pull off that has two spots to camp. The first is a bit in the open and can be seen from the road. If you continue past the first spot youíll come to another place a bit more secluded.5.6 Miles Out

As your odometer clicks to 6.0 youíll see a road leading to the right, there are a few spots nestled in the tamarisk to camp in.

6.3 miles from the pavement youíll come across the second stream crossing.  This crossing is a bit deeper than the first one, Iíd probably not want to take a normal passenger car across the stream. There are several roads leading to the left before and just past the crossing. The trail after the crossing holds many places to camp, some of these will be right next to the stream.

6.6 Miles OutAt 6.6 miles youíll come across a road to the right, this road leads out to numerous camping spots. The cliff walls and formations provide shade, dependent on the time of day. About 20 yards past the trail on the right youíll see a sign pointing down a trail to the left. This trail is the Kane Creek Canyon 4x4 trail. This trail is rated a 3+ and features plenty of water crossings. The true difficulties of the trail donít happen until the climb back up to highway 191. This climb ascends a shelf road which quite often will necessitate the use of stacked rocks to climb up over the steps.

Soon after you pass the entrance to Kane Creek Canyon the road enters KaneKane Valley Valley, there arenít many places to camp until after you pass over Hurrah Pass. Hurrah Pass is located 9.7 miles from the end of the pavement. As you start to approach Hurrah Pass the going gets a bit rougher, this would probably be the place to turn around the family sedan. From Hurrah Pass on, a high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle is necessary.

Kane Creek is a fantastic gateway to loads of hiking, biking, climbing, four-wheeling and camping. Please clean up after yourselves and keep this area pristine for the people coming after you.

To read more about the Moab area, click here.

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