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Camping: Alpine Loop

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Alpine Loop

p7290053.jpg (153394 bytes)The Alpine Loop is a beautiful drive that winds around the backside of Mount Timpanogos.  There are several camping opportunities here as well.  While you’re here camping a neat place to check out is Cascade Springs.  At Cascade Springs you will find a series of cascading pools accessible by a board-walked trail.  The pools hold small trout, children will delight in pointing them out. p7290049.jpg (158657 bytes)

The first campground you will encounter after leaving American Fork is the Altamont group campground.  This is a group use only campground, and rather large groups at that.  The price is $137.00 for 100 people, an extra $1.00 for every person over 100.

The next campground encountered is the Timponeeke campground.  This area features 30 sites, mostly well spaced and private.  The campground is located between 7100 and 7400 feet, so it can get a bit chilly even in the summer.  Each site is $11.00 per night.

Last but not least comes the Mt. Timpanogos campground.  Mt. Timpanogosalpineloop3.jpg (113447 bytes) campground is located at 6100 feet, so it can be a bit warmer than Timponeeke.  Great views of Mount Timpanogos are to be found here.  The campground and sites are very neatly kept.  The sites are well spread out and large.  The individual sites are $11.00 per night.  

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Mt. Timpanogos Campground

Altamont Group Campground



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